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About us

You've dreamt of flying up, up and away in a safe and inexpensive manner, while at the same time have the equipment for such and adventure fit into the trunk of your car.

Our experience flying with paramotors has helped us choose equipment to suite the needs of all pilots -- from

beginners through to advanced levels.

Our chosen gear consists of:

- top quality wings designed by SWING , and APCO officially certified (DULV and DHV) for both PPG and soaring;

- highly reliable Cors-Air M21Y two-stroke aero engines from JPX ITALIA (from 2005 we use the new motor - Cors-Air M25Y Black Devil). ;

- our product range increased with lightweight SKY100 engine

- safe and comfortable harness that includes precisely made buckles, pulleys and carabineers from AustriAlpin ;

- extremely lightweight but very durable and stress-resistant frame-cage units made of Titanium alloys.




Contacts:  Fly Otto Paramotors Vilnius, Lithuania, Tel.: +370 698 70245, Tel.: +370 687 40775, info@otto-paramotors.com

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