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Paramotor on weels

In September of 2004 a new patartike, designed and built by Fly Otto Paramotors took into the air. Compact power unit (JPX Italia Cors-Air M25Y Black Devil or Smonini Mini-3) could provide up to 80 kg of static trust. The new original paratrike can be used both: as a solo or a double seat unit. This makes it very universal - suitable for leisure and training flights. By that, an additional 140 kg load can be taken instead of passenger. In winter time the trike can be used as an aerosledge.

Compared to widely used designs, the main advantage of our paratrike is that it can be disassembled quickly, so easily transported just in a trunk of an ordinary car! No more special trailers, no hangars. The power unit of our paratrike is designed to be used also as a tipical paramotor. Being built form profiled titanium tubes ready to fly paratrike weights only 48 kg. Serial production has already been started.




Contacts:  Fly Otto Paramotors Vilnius, Lithuania, Tel.: +370 698 70245, Tel.: +370 687 40775, info@otto-paramotors.com

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